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Guest Briefing

Welcome back.

Torsten looks forward to your interview. Whether this is your first time on a podcast or you're a seasoned pro, here's a quick and dirty breakdown of what you can expect as a guest on The Solar Journey.


Thank you again for your participation, our listeners look forward to hearing from YOU!


Briefing Materials

  • Why did Torsten start The Solar Journey?
    • Read Torsten's story here.

    • Check out previous takes here.

  • What is the typical duration of a recording?
    • Recording should take around 45 mins.

  • What is the primary language spoken?
    • English

  • How are audio and video recorded?​
    • Audio and video are recorded via Zoom.

  • Where are the audio and video recordings published?​
  • What information do you need from me ahead of time?
    • Before the recording, please visit our Onboarding Page to fill out the registration materials.

  • What are my Twitter and Linkedin links used for?​
    • We provide the links to your public social media channel(s) in the episode information so that interested parties may reach out to you directly.

  • What is my CV utilized for?​
    • Torsten will reference your CV in the episode so that subscribers may get a better idea of your background in the industry and get a taste of what you're working on now. Small descriptions will be given in the information section of the episode posts.

  • Where are marketing items promoted?
  • Have unique ideas for the episode?
    • Awesome! Let Torsten know directly.

  • What type of audience engages with the Solar Journey Podcast?
    • Solar technology "nerds"

    • Renewables "nerds"

    • Solar entrepreneurs and founders

    • Clean tech investors

    • All management levels of solar companies

    • Solar Professors

    • Renewables Activists

    • Students

    • Solar media experts​​


What to Expect:

  • How does the day-of recording work, and what will Torsten and I talk about?

    • When you enter the zoom meeting, we will still be off the record. We'll check in, have a chat, and check the lighting and sound. Then we decide together when I should press the record button.

    • Once we start...

  1. Torsten will welcome the listeners.

  2. Torsten will introduce you via your CV.

  3. We will have some conversation about your career.

  4. Torsten will ask a few main questions:

    • "Why did you move into the renewable space?"

    • "What is your biggest learning for founding, starting up (or running a company), leading a group

      of people, and/or achieving great results?"

    • "What advice would you give listeners who want to become successful founders or scientists? Do you have a special book you'd recommend on that subject?"

    • "What is the value proposition of your company's product/services?"

    • UNIQUE IDEAS/TOPICS (let me know upfront what you like to address).

    • "What does it take to get the renewable energy industry to the next level? How do we get to 100% renewables fast?"

  5. Torsten will close out the recording​

We at the Solar Journey Podcast hope this clears up any questions you may have going into your guest appearance! If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Torsten directly ( Also, don't forget to fill out the Guest Registration before you leave!

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