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What Is The Solar Journey?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Want to know more about The Solar Journey - where it started, where it's going, and who the hosts are? You're in the right spot. Read on.

New here? Curious about The Solar Journey?

My name is Torsten Brammer, and I want to investigate the question; “What does it take to get solar to the next level?”

To me, "solar" means all truly, clean energy technologies. The Solar Journey is the title of my podcast, blog, and vlog series in which I highlight the opinions of experts in the industry. Hopefully, the podcast will inspire you to get into the solar business and to join this global movement of decentralized and carbon-free power.

With The Solar Journey, I want...

  • The listeners to get inspired and connect with the true movers and shakers of the industry

  • To keep up the momentum in the energy transition

  • To discover and identify the current problems which stop the solar industry from getting to the next level

  • To generate ideas that help our listeners spark your own new solar business

The evolution of solar technology has been a long one. Host, Torsten Brammer, has been guided by the idea that he can make a positive impact on humanity by enabling solar power to become the new global standard (and cheapest source of electricity). Being part of the solar industry since 1996, Torsten has experienced most of solar’s journey firsthand. He worked in leadership positions in industry giants, such as Q-Cells, and founded three solar businesses. One failed, one was acquired, and one he's still leading successfully as the CEO today!

Still, to this day it's not clear what's holding us back from committing to clean energy on a broader scale. Why is this? What needs to happen in order for us, as a global society, to achieve 100% sustainable power? What are the hurdles in technology, costs, availability, comfort-of-use, finance, legal frameworks, marketing, and image?

The Solar Journey audience is active in business, politically-minded, and has a strong interest in the advancement of technology. Torsten will present you with in-depth discussions - talking to leaders in different areas of the supply chain, academia, and politics. He hopes to find answers, and in doing so inspire the next generation of leaders in the energy industry to join the cause of 100% renewable energy. Please join us on our journey to a sustainable lifestyle by following us and listening to our content.

If you want to make suggestions for podcast guests, please feel free to message us directly at

- Torsten Brammer

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