About - The Solar Journey

We are Torsten Brammer, Jason Nutter, and Lovis Kauf - three friends who want to investigate the question; “What does it take to get solar to the next level?”


To us, "solar" means all truly, clean energy technologies. The Solar Journey is the title of our podcast, blog, and vlog series in which we highlight the opinions of experts in the industry. Hopefully, we inspire you to get into the solar business and to join this global movement of decentralized and carbon-free power.

Torsten Brammer

Torsten has been all about solar for more than 25 years. Why? To do something meaningful in life. He spent most of his academic career at the University of Karlsruhe and the Jülich Research Center in Germany. His academic solar journey also took him to the Australian National University and South Korea’s KAIST Institute. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Solar Cell Science in 2000.


Ghana joined his travels list in 1996 when he went and got busy installing solar modules for a local Ghanaian company. Torsten then joined German solar cell producer Q-Cells in 2004, when solar started taking off on an industrial scale. While there, he initiated and lead a thin-film module spin-off which was then sold but eventually failed during the phase of massive oversupply of solar modules in 2010.


As a major shareholder, he then assisted German start-up SENEC to develop and launch its next-generation storage unit. SENEC was later successfully sold to one of Germany's biggest utilities EnBW. In 2011, he co-founded and became CEO of Wavelabs, now the global leader in LED-based solar simulators.


Jason Nutter

Jason has lived and worked in several countries (spanning three continents) over the years. Understanding how cultures shape and direct decision making has always fascinated and driven him onto many an interesting journey. 

Having worked with Torsten in building a successful business, linking German engineering to the East-Asian marketplace, he's eager to see 

what's next when it comes to integrating the global solar energy space. The Solar Journey is simply a fact-finding mission for him and his two companions, in a quest to define and be part of the solutions for renewable energy going forward.


Lovis Kauf

Lovis has lived, worked, and studied in both Germany and the US. His biggest passions are sustainability, entrepreneurship, and the freedom that both can create in his (and really, anybody's) life. Part of his journey led him to work in a digital oil and gas startup in Texas, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the value creation process in the energy sector.

From there, he joined Europe’s biggest B2B e-commerce marketplace as a 

product manager. Now he's working on combining key concepts, that he learned in both industries, to bring the power of digital transformation and value creation to the global sustainable energy space. The Solar Journey podcast is part of his personal learning process as well as a catalyst to create a powerful network of and for solar professionals.